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The Auction Block.

Exclusive auctions have long been associated with luxury goods: fine art, antiques, vintage cars, rare wines, or unique jewelry. It’s an exciting and trusted method of matching genuinely interested buyers with secure investments. It stands to reason, then, that high-end lifestyle properties can also be successfully marketed this way. In recent years, real estate auctions have become popular with discerning buyers and motivated sellers across the industry.

Jane Hoffman Realty is at the forefront of this progressive way to market high-end, luxury estates.

Working with global real estate auction partners, Lambert & Company: a premier auction house, Jane Hoffman Realty has successfully sold several exclusive properties across BC.

In addition to being enjoyable social events, with entertainment, excellent catering, and charitable support opportunities, our past auctions have proven wildly successful. Recent homes auctioned by Jane Hoffman Realty closed at record-breaking selling prices.

Aerial view of Harvest Ridge estate and Okanagan Lake
HARVEST RIDGE – This home, sold by luxury estate auction, set an Okanagan record for the highest-ever closing price for an off-the lake property.
Madrona estate on Pender Island
MADRONA – The proceeds from this real estate auction went to the BC Cancer Foundation, to benefit cancer research.

Auctioning Luxury Real Estate has several advantages.

The atmosphere at a real estate auction is thrilling: full of anticipation and adrenaline, a rapid pace, and paddles flying in an exciting race to the final result.

Luxury real estate on the auction block is always of the highest calibre. Homes are extensively curated. The unique, architecturally stunning properties showcase the hallmarks of quality: ample privacy, unmatched views, and incredible finishing details and features.

Sellers who choose this method appreciate the efficiency and certainty an auction provides. With a fixed selling date and registered bidders, they can bypass inconvenient showing times, waiting on offers, and concerns over whether a deal will complete.

Buyers, similarly, benefit from the straightforward purchase process. Bidding is informed and transparent, and negotiation is not necessary, so buyers are not compelled to go beyond their own comfort levels.

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For exclusive information regarding our Luxury Real Estate Auctions in Kelowna, please contact Jane Hoffman Realty.


Jane Hoffman and Alec Lambert real estate auction
Jane Hoffman and Alec Lambert of Lambert and Company

View of Okanagan estate from beach

Jane Hoffman Realty, alongside Lambert & Co., will be presenting a new, exquisite Okanagan luxury property via luxury auction on July 18th.

As leaders in luxury BC real estate, their expertise with this selective market ensures that each auction will have a focused group of qualified and interested bidders.

Whiskey Cove features cutting edge architectural design, an unbeatable lakefront location, and forward-thinking materials. It is truly an estate worthy of this innovative sales program.

Contact us to learn more about this exceptional property and the auction details.