Kelowna Real Estate Auctions

Luxury real estate auctions are at the cutting edge of the real estate industry. Jane Hoffman Realty with our auction partners, Lambert & Co, a premier auction house (formerly The Garage Sale Luxury Auction House), are at the forefront of this progressive way to market the most exclusive properties.

The luxury real estate sold at auction is always of the highest calibre. Homes are extensively curated, showcasing unique, architecturally stunning properties with the hallmarks of quality: ample privacy, unmatched views, and incredible details and features. Our expertise with this selective market ensures each auction will have a focused group of qualified bidders. This is the future of luxury home sales.


2019 Auction: SOLD

Jane Hoffman Realty is a leader in luxury BC real estate. In July 2019, the Solaris auction had multiple bidders and was successfully sold for $6.38 million.


Property Specs:

1.1 Acres | 8,457 Sq Ft | 7 Bed | 9 Bath

Past Auctions: SOLD

Recent homes auctioned by Jane Hoffman Realty and Lambert & Co. closed at record-breaking selling prices.