We have a phenomenal team at Jane Hoffman Realty.

Each agent and member of our staff brings a distinctive personality to the mix. We’d like you to get to know us a little bit better!

We’ve asked everyone to answer some questions that will give us a little insight into who they really are.

This week, we’re learning about our Managing Director and Legal Counsel, Angela Roy:


What inspires you?

People who are disciplined enough to pursue their passions inspire me. I am inspired by people who believe they can do great things, then just go and do them. Like the contestants on reality talent shows –they just go out there and do what they enjoy doing, regardless of how silly they may look. It’s the best when those people go out there and get a standing ovation; I am a sucker for those shows. They always make me think I can sing, but I really can’t. I love watching people do what they love to do and be successful at it.


What is the most unusual job you’ve ever had?

I moved to Nashville, Tennessee when my boyfriend worked with the Nashville Predators. I ended up working part-time at a personal injury firm there. Coming from Canada, I took for granted the rationality of our justice system. I never realized how litigious the American justice system was until I moved to the South. I learned through a case that someone can actually get sued if their cat bites the cat-sitter –I found this crazy! My appreciation for the Canadian legal system definitely increased.


How has the industry changed over the course of your career?

I have not always been in the real estate industry. When I first became a lawyer, I was with a criminal defence firm, then I slowly transitioned into business and real estate. I feel that the most apparent change in the industry has been the increased regulation. I always valued that our government maintained the integrity of a homeowner’s right to choose when making one of the biggest decisions of their life; it was free from government interference. With the recently proposed budget measures and increasing regulations, I feel that the industry is trending away from valuing the consumer’s freedom of choice. It will be interesting to see how this new regulatory scheme changes the industry.


What is your idea of the perfect day?

I love sleeping in and opening the shades to a beautiful sunny Okanagan day. A great coffee, a nice walk with the dogs, a hike, some sort of outdoor activity with some friends or family, and a great dinner –all with my boyfriend, of course…that sounds pretty perfect to me.

If you could invent an app, what would it do?

Teleport. I would want to create an app that lets you teleport to another destination anywhere in the world, without the jet lag. Wait –that sounds more like a superpower than an app…

We’re excited to showcase what our other team members have to share. We invite you to meet the Jane Hoffman Realty and explore our ‘Getting to Know’ series.