We have a phenomenal team at Jane Hoffman Realty.

Each agent and member of our staff brings a distinctive personality to the mix. We’d like you to get to know us a little bit better!

We’ve asked everyone to answer some questions that will give us a little insight into who they really are.

This week, we’re learning about Executive Assistant, Melissa Cook:

What or who inspires you?

I wouldn’t say that one person or one thing inspires me. I find that different people and their strengths inspire me. A good quote can inspire me. Kindness inspires me. Nature inspires me (especially on Vancouver Island). Anything that will help me be a better person tends to inspire me!

What is your favourite animal?

Growing up, I always had cats, but now my favourite animals are dogs. We got our first dog when my children were young, and it took me a year to get used to it (they aren’t quite as independent as cats)! Then it progressed into having 5 dogs and 4 cats…thankfully we lived on 5 acres. My son talked me into adopting our 4th cat (who was a senior cat) while I was buying dog food. I am a sucker for animals in need.

Favourite outdoor activity?

I really enjoy softball. It was an activity that I picked up in my late twenties; I was terrible when I started, but was competitive enough to keep improving. I even enjoy just hanging out at the ball field and watching other teams play. I like the atmosphere. It is also a way that I have made new friends as I have moved to new communities.

What is your idea of the perfect day?

I am happy with the simple things. I would say hanging outside or camping by a river, lake, or ocean with friends or family, enjoying a picnic or a barbeque with a beer.

We’re excited to showcase what our other team members have to share. We invite you to meet the Jane Hoffman Realty and explore our ‘Getting to Know’ series.