The Jane Hoffman Realty (Jane Hoffman, Kristy Huber, Sherrin Stewart, Dean Simonelli, Carole Ceron and Lora Proskiw) recently attended a seminar for REALTORS® entitled Foreclosures and Court Ordered Sales: A Practical Guide for REALTORS®.

Foreclosures and court ordered sales can be a complex process and Satnam Sidhu, a REALTOR® from the Lower Mainland and guest speaker for this course, explained how foreclosure sales differ from traditional real estate sales and how the process of a court order sale unfolds.

The buyer, seller, lawyer, lender and REALTOR® all play an inportant role in foreclosure sales and the process can become more complex if there are tenants or multiple offers involved.

As a team, the Jane Hoffman Realty understands  the foreclosure process and how each step and scenerio should be professionally handled. After this seminar, we have an even stronger knowledge base and additional resources at our disposal.

Questions about buying a foreclosure or court ordered sale?

Are you involved in selling a foreclosure property? 

Contact Jane and her team – it would be our pleasure to help.