Do you want your children to study en français or in English? Will they wear private school uniforms or joggers and t-shirts to public school? When your family purchases a new home, accessibility to nearby elementary and secondary schools is an important consideration, especially if you have your eyes on specific Kelowna schools.

With confusing catchment boundaries for Kelowna schools, it can be difficult to inform a housing decision based on your target education. That’s why we’ve created a user-friendly Kelowna catchment map.

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To help you narrow the list even further, here’s a round-up of top-ranked Kelowna schools, including public schools, independent institutions, and French Immersion schools, based on the Fraser Institute’s Report Card. While the Report Card doesn’t present a complete picture, it does provide insight into the school’s performance based on Foundation Skills Assessments in reading, writing, and numeracy.

Here are the top-rated Kelowna schools and a map of where you need to live to attend them.

Top-rated Kelowna Schools

Anne McClymont Elementary

Anne McClymont, located in the Lower Mission, is top of the Fraser Institute list for public elementary schools. The catchment for Anne McClymont wraps around Chute Lake Elementary—another highly-rated Kelowna elementary school in the Lower Mission.

With beautiful beaches, easy access to downtown, and world-class wineries, Lower Mission is the perfect neighbourhood for families looking to take advantage of the iconic Okanagan lifestyle.

Mar Jok Elementary

Looking outside the Lower Mission? Consider West Kelowna’s Mar Jok Elementary. Located in the Rose Valley subdivision, Mar Jok Elementary is a new, state-of-the-art school named after a renowned Kelowna restauranteur and founding member of the Chinese Cultural Society.

Okanagan Mission Secondary

The Lower Mission is home to yet another top-rated school, this time in the form of Okanagan Mission Secondary, or OKM. With only five public secondary schools in the Central Okanagan—OKM, Lake Country’s George Elliot Secondary, École Kelowna Secondary School, West Kelowna’s Mount Boucherie Senior, and Rutland Senior—the catchment boundaries are far broader.

Best Kelowna Private Schools

Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School

Kelowna’s top-rated elementary school is also its top-rated secondary school. Admissions to Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School are increasingly competitive. Aberdeen Hall seeks well-rounded students who “demonstrate leadership through academic performance, involvement in co-curricular activities and civic engagement.”

The beautiful 44-acre campus stands next to UBC Okanagan and five minutes from the airport. And, as an independent school, catchments don’t apply, meaning you are free to choose the house and neighbourhood that best suits your lifestyle.

Top Kelowna French Immersion Schools

École Casorso Elementary

Located in the Lower Mission, École Casorso Elementary School is the top-rated of all Kelowna French Immersion schools according to the Fraser Institute.

Plus, when the kids graduate from École Casorso, they can move on to École KLO Middle School, which is also in the Lower Mission.

École Kelowna Secondary

As Kelowna’s only French Immersion secondary, École Kelowna Secondary is an easy choice to make if your middle school graduates want to continue their studies in French. Like École Casorso and École KLO Middle School, École Kelowna Secondary is situated in the Lower Mission, earning the neighbourhood our pick as the best place to live for access to Kelowna French Immersion schools.

Link to Kelowna schools zoning catchment map produced by Jane Hoffman Realty

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