Jane Hoffman got her start following her parents’ snowy footsteps into the hospitality industry in charming Revelstoke, BC. Since then, she has built her career and her life upon her positive attitude, innovative spirit, and inspiring work-ethic. These, combined with her true passion for the Okanagan, and the unending support of her family and friends, have made both Jane and the Jane Hoffman Realty valuable contributors to this community and beyond. And she is grateful for every minute of it.

During this season of plentiful harvests, crisp air, and holiday spirit, it’s a perfect time to reflect on the little things we are so grateful for this Thanksgiving weekend.



Family Time

Whether it’s the family you’re born with or the one you create, we all share the strongest of bonds with our loved ones. This Thanksgiving, we’ll be gathering with our families to reminisce, to share and to create new and lasting memories.

Knowing that there is always a someone to support your dreams, and being able to encourage others in return, can propel each of us to great things! Between our families and the family we have created at Jane Hoffman Realty, we know there is always a team member to turn to for advice, support or even a glass of wine!

We’ll be taking extra time this weekend, while we prepare our family dinners, to reflect and appreciate all those in our lives.

Jane Hoffman - Vancouver


Skookum Music Fastival



Local Adventure & Events

There’s such a beautiful, fascinating world to explore, and so much of it can be found right here, close to home. BC boasts some of the world’s most stunning and diverse natural environments, exciting cities, outdoor adventures and inviting communities rich in cultural history.

A short drive to Revelstoke or a quick flight to Vancouver, BC absolutely provides something for every adventurer. Jane recently returned from a visit to Vancouver to attend the exciting Skookum Music*Food*Art festival, supporting talented local Okanagan musician Kelly Derrickson, and enjoying the amazing and delicious creativity on offer!

But festivals aren’t the only way to make the most of our beautiful province, there is always an abundance of nature to explore.

Nearby Nature

Jane is also thrilled to experience this year’s salmon run at the Adam’s River Salute to the Sockeye, which showcases the awe-inspiring industriousness of nature. The ancient annual salmon run is but one reminder that the world is very large and full of wonder. It’s so easy to find a respite in nature –it provides all of us with an important opportunity for self-reflection.

Here in the Okanagan, we have incredible access to our natural surroundings. This time of year, indulge in the tapestry of colour among the leaves or enjoy the golden sunshine and brisk high-desert air. A moment of quiet contemplation on the lake, a walk along Mission Creek, a hike through Myra Canyon, or even a day spent on the exhilarating slopes of Big White allows us to recognize and appreciate the subtle-but-complicated world we share with every living creature.



Supportive Community

Our appreciation extends beyond the borders of nature and into our everyday lives, as well. There are countless ways to support the charities and service organizations that strive to make life better for the people who live in this beautiful place.

At the Jane Hoffman Realty, we have an earnest commitment to our community and are ever grateful for the opportunity to give back. We are proud of and inspired by the success of such events as the Central Okanagan Hospice Association’s Swinging With the Stars and the August Motor Cars Okanagan Dream Car Rally, and the important work done by the KGH Foundation Foundry, Mamas for Mamas, and many others throughout the valley.



And Always…Chocolate

Sometimes, it’s just the smallest of considerations that have a significant impact. Recently, Jane’s team surprised her with a curated selection of local chocolates. Jane’s favourite morsels from talented chocolatiers, Sandrine, Bernard Callebaut, Annegretes, and Karat, made up a custom, delicious thank-you note. Jane was delighted by this simple, thoughtful token! At Thanksgiving (or, really, anytime), we at Jane Hoffman Realty uphold the truism, “Everything is better with chocolate”.

Karat Chocolates - Kelowna

From everyone at Jane Hoffman Realty,
we wish you a Thanksgiving holiday filled with family time, laughter and a few chocolate treats.