Santa travels world wide every Christmas Eve but now at the touch of our fingers we have many options to explore the magic of Santa online. My children now send their Santa list directly to him, the site then returns an email to me with their full list which is usually 100 things long and let’s face it Santa can’t get them all so I fill in where I can. You can track Santa’s journey all over the globe as he and his reindeer deliver the presents to the children. If your children would like to see a day in the life of Santa Clause they can watch him online as he prepares for Christmas.  My sister recently stumbled upon a live video application on Jib Jab that you insert the child’s name age and where we live. When my son saw the email from Santa Clause in his inbox his eyes lit up and the magic of Christmas had been kept alive. Some will argue that kids spend far too much time on the computer and I don’t disagree, however,  with all these amazing Christmas websites used in unison with traditional elements it will keep them busy for hours!

Some links you may want to check out with your children as Christmas day draws near.

Track Santa

Personalized Santa Video