There is something magical about autumn, the first smell of a wood stove, Canada geese overhead, pumpkin stands on the roadside and not to be forgotten the ever changing color of the leaves.

To home owners selling or wanting to sell their house, here are a few ideas to make your home showcase well.

Curb Appeal

Although the sunset hued leaves are a beautiful sight to behold, the mess they create on the landscaping surrounding your home looks like work to a buyer. Keep the debris off the ground and that will frame the beauty of the trees.

 Add a touch of the season. Here in the Okanagan we are so fortunate to have many local pumpkin farms. Take advantage of the large selection and create a collection at the front door. Neat and tidy grounds and visual autumn display will delight their eyes.

Create Cozy Spaces

A buyer is coming in from the cooler weather. So what can you do to provide a “warm put up your feet and stay awhile atmosphere” First and foremost make sure they are not stepping into an igloo, set your temperature appropriately.

Second, what do they see first? The view, The fireplace, whatever the case may be, understand where the buyer’s eyes will linger. Make it welcoming and comfortable. Enhance this asset! You want them to feel like kicking off their shoes and relaxing like they do when they are home. Plush pillows and fuzzy throws on the couch will entice them to sit. The new flameless candles are a nice touch. Place them on wall sconces, mantles, dark corners and of course around that luxurious soaker tub.

 Thirdly, as the days are shorter, ensure the lighting is sufficient.  Set lamps out and place on timers so they are not on all day.

The biggest reminder to yourself…….FLAUNT YOUR HOMES ASSETS!

People will see your home no less than three times. 1st online presence 2nd drive by,  3rd interior viewing. All three platforms must engage their senses and emotion. Invest the time and energy and your home will become their home!

Happy fall to all our clients and happy staging!