I can’t even imagine what the families in Northern Japan are feeling right now, and as a mother of two small children, this tragedy has spurred me to ask myself… Would my family be prepared if an earthquake hit our community? 

I don’t even think that our flashlight has batteries in it or that we have bottled water stored away…. This weekend I’m going to spend some time getting organised and putting an Emergency Kit together, perhaps you should too?

Here’s a few websites to help you get started:

The Government of British Columbia has published a helpful website: Provincial Earthquake Program that could be an valuable resource in the event that an earthquake occurs in our community.

I also ran across an interesting website that helps you evaluate how structurally sound your home would be in the event of an earthquake. Take a look… How would YOUR home stand up?

Enjoy the weekend… hopefully the sun shine!

~ Lora Proskiw

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