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Weather, wine, adventure, and a strong sense of community, the Okanagan is a perfect combination. We are proud to support the local businesses, industries and entrepreneurs that make this valley so unique. To that end, we’ve invited savvy wine consultant, Katie Truscott, to share her thoughts on the world-class wines that reflect everything we love about this incredible region.


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Okanagan Wine Expert: Katie Truscott


Okanagan homes host some of Canada’s most impressive wine cellars. They are not only a symbol of luxury and opulence, but also help to increase a home’s value and overall appeal. Homeowners find great happiness in selecting a bottle of their favourite wine from their personal wine cellar for guests.

However, the idea of managing a large collection of wines can be exciting, yet daunting. Daunting, because how can one possibly know which wines should be consumed now and which wines should rest safely in the cellar?

And for the wines that are resting, how long should they be in the cellar on their sides before they’re ready for consumption?

It’s an age-old frustration that can overwhelm collectors, wine fanatics and new homeowners. Unfortunately, wine labels give away no obvious clues, and each wine most likely commands some research and guessing to determine its age-ability.

For the most part, the majority of wines are intended for early consumption. Wines at lower price points and entry level are made to open almost immediately. Bottles made from Cabernet Sauvignon (especially French Bordeaux), Syrah (think French Côte Rôtie) and Nebbiolo (Italian Barolo) all have incredible aging potential. This is because of their high tannins, which can be harsh in their youth. German Rieslings and French Burgundy also can benefit from time in cellar.

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But what about our own local wines from British Columbia?


I have put together a list of my top 10 (plus a unicorn) must-have local investment wines for the cellar that I anticipate to age beautifully over the next 10+ years:

  1. Church and State Coup D’Etat 2014, Oliver $54.90
  2. La Stella Espressivo 2015, Osoyoos $45.98
  3. Le Vieux Pin Equinoxe Syrah 2015, Oliver $89.99
  4. Martins Lane Simes Vineyard Riesling, East Kelowna $55.00
  5. Meyer Family Micro Cuvée Pinot Noir 2016, Oliver $56.62
  6. Meyer Family Micro Cuvée Chardonnay 2016, Oliver $56.62
  7. Mission Hill Oculus 2013, West Kelowna $145.00
  8. Synchromesh Riesling Storm Haven Vineyard 2016 $35.00
  9. Tantalus Old Vines Riesling 2015, East Kelowna $30.43
  10. Quails Gate Richards Block Pinot Noir, West Kelowna $54.99
    The Hatch ‘The Unicorn’ 2014, West Kelowna $73.99

It’s important to keep in mind that local wines made from Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and all Rosés are all generally made for early drinking. If you have the ability to experiment and buy a case of one wine, I recommend cellaring and drinking it over time. Watch and learn how the wines evolve, and from that point, you can gauge when it’s at its peak.

Wine consumers in British Columbia drink local wines far too young. It’s a beneficial investment for cellar owners to start holding some local wines as the BC wine industry continues to evolve, grow and thrive.

Cheers for now,


Katie Truscott with wine glassKatie Truscott, owner of Cellar Selection and Design is an avid, WSET trained wine aficionado, assisting clients in the Okanagan in creating, maintaining and diversifying the cellar of their dreams.  From once-off cellar fills to monthly re-stocks, contact Katie today to set up a consultation for your space.

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