Your family has loved the paradise you’ve created on the shores of Okanagan Lake, but life’s taking you in another direction and you’re ready to sell your beautiful waterfront home. When is the best time to list Kelowna luxury real estate? Should you list your home in the fall or wait until the spring?

For Sherry Truman, REALTOR®, Jane Hoffman Realty, the perfect time to list in Kelowna’s luxury real estate market depends on you.

“Kelowna is such a unique market. People are searching for a calibre of home that you can’t get anywhere else, and there isn’t always a perfect time for them,” says Truman. “In the luxury market, the right time is when the seller and the buyer are both ready.”

Ready to list your home in the Kelowna luxury real estate market? Here are three reasons fall is a great time to sell your Okanagan property.

1. Fewer Fall Listings on the Kelowna Luxury Real Estate Market

One of the best reasons to list your Kelowna luxury home this fall, Truman says, is there’s less competition.

With great year-round temperatures and a constant flow of visitors who flock to the Okanagan for fall wine tastings, winter skiing on champagne powder, spring hiking and summer lake lounging, there is a constant demand for luxury real estate.

“Most sellers take their homes off the Kelowna luxury market in the fall thinking the peak buying season is in the spring,” says Truman. “In reality, Kelowna is a multi-season market where we’re selling luxury homes year-round.”

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2. Strong Quarter for Kelowna Luxury Home Sales

While the right time to sell is whenever you’re ready, market fluctuations can have an impact on your decision to list your home.

According to the Association of Interior Realtors, the region saw overall unit sales decrease and an increase in price and inventory in August. However, Truman says, there’s a chronic shortage in Kelowna’s luxury real estate market. And, with only so much waterfront space available, there’s always a buyer looking for a special place on the lake.

3. Kelowna Has Something For Every Luxury Home Buyer

Sometimes, luxury isn’t the lake.

Truman says Kelowna’s luxury real estate market often sees buyers looking to experience the Okanagan lifestyle their own way.

From lock-and-leave style gated communities with beautifully finished single-family detached homes to higher bank houses in the country overlooking private vineyards, there are plenty of ways for Kelowna luxury home buyers to live the Okanagan life and plenty of opportunities for these luxury homeowners to sell.

“We’re so fortunate in that we can offer such a broad range in Kelowna’s luxury real estate market,” says Truman. “Some buyers do want the traditional home, but what they really want is the big 180-degree views that the Okanagan offers.”

If you’re thinking about listing, trust the leaders in Kelowna luxury properties—both on and off the water. We have 35 years of experience in this special market. Connect with us.

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