recently posted an extended profile on Jane Hoffman. It is an in-depth and personal look at her rise to the top of Kelowna’s Real Estate Market. The article tells the story of her family’s legacy in Revelstoke BC, her own personal tragedy and how she overcame it, and how she got started with Real Estate in Kelowna. Above all, it showcases her passion for Kelowna and the beautiful Okanagan. 

Profile Highlights:

The article takes you to Revelstoke where Jane Hoffman began her career as an hotelier for snow-sporting enthusiasts, hosting the world-wide heliskiing crowd that visited her family’s boutique hotel. Her parents started the Regent Hotel during the Depression and today Jane owns and operates it with her brother and sister.

Jane’s attention to hospitality comes from her mother, who worked in the hotel until she was 92.

While in Revelstoke, Hoffman met her husband, then an RCMP officer. The pair married and moved to Vancouver, and began what would become a successful construction business by building resale homes during their off hours, eventually relocating to Kelowna. Her husband had partnered with his brother-in-law – her sister’s husband – and the company continued growing and building projects throughout the province. Sadly, on a return flight from a job, their private plane crashed, killing Jane’s husband and brother-in-law. Jane, who had a six-year-old son at the time, was just 31.

Today, her son is 39 and he has an eight-year-old son. They live nearby and that nearness is precious.. When Jane isn’t working, she enjoys skiing, ballroom dancing and fundraising for a local hospice.

“I absolutely love where I live. I feel so fortunate. We have natural beauty, all the services you would need. I’m 45 minutes to the most incredible ski hill known as Big White. I can take my grandson to hockey in the morning, be at Big White by one and get home by five. It’s a really good lifestyle. And I never tire of working. I still get all excited and emotional about it even after 30 years.”

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