We have a phenomenal team at Jane Hoffman Realty.

Each agent and member of our staff brings a distinctive personality to the mix. We’d like you to get to know us a little bit better!We’ve asked everyone to answer some questions that will give us a little insight into who they really are.

This week, we’re learning about REALTOR®, Jodi Huber:

What is one goal you’d like to accomplish this year?

Finding a work-life balance!

I think most people who have children and a demanding career find this difficult to achieve. Setting aside the time for physical activity and uninterrupted time with the family is certainly high on my priority list.

What’s your strangest family tradition?

Oh boy, we have a few! (But maybe we should not make them public…)
I’ll share our “strongest and longest” family tradition, instead. Every year, we all (from kids to grandparents) go the Caravan Theatre in Armstrong as a Christmas tradition. Our tradition has now extended to include good family friends –there are so many of us that we have a whole sleigh to ourselves!  This event is spectacular: it’s outdoors with stages set up throughout the farm, actors, lights, bonfires, and singing (and did I mention a thermos of Baileys?). It sure puts us in the Christmas spirit!

How has the industry (locally, and in general) changed over the course of your career?

It’s amazing to watch the technology evolve, and to be a part of the fast-paced environment it creates. Our clients use many more platforms to contact us now, which means I’m checking emails, texts, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Messenger on an hourly basis, and then responding promptly with thoughtful and knowledgeable answers.

What’s the most unusual real estate transaction you’ve encountered?

Every real estate transaction is unique. Everyone’s wants and needs are different (sometimes just slightly, sometimes to an extreme).

Recently I was blending three generations into one home. This certainly had its challenges: a suite for the “boys” in their 40’s, a separate space for the parents (in their 70’s), and space for Grandma, who is a centennial! Searching for that perfect home was a lengthy process. I am happy to say we managed to find that one-of-a-kind home for that family.

What is your favourite part of your job?

Having worked for Jane for many years, I have had the opportunity to see some of the best homes in the Okanagan. Being in the industry as long as I have, I still find myself pleasantly surprised by people’s imagination and creativity when it comes to their dream homes.

Describe your dream vacation

I love the water and being in the water. The Dalmatian Coast is what I am currently saving my pennies for. I used to own a sailboat, and that was –and still is– one of my passions. I’ve been told that sailing that coastline is supposed to be phenomenal. Snorkeling, relaxing on the beaches, and seeing the history of Croatia from the water…this all sounds like the perfect vacation to me!

We can’t wait to showcase what our other team members have to share. Stay tuned to find out more about each member of the Jane Hoffman Realty.