Written by Jodi Huber

In the early spring the kids and I took our bikes  to Paul’s Tomb. You can begin the trail at the end of Poplar Point Drive, bordering Knox Mountain. That day, I had noticed some work being done to the trail at the very end near the swimming beach. I was thrilled that the City of Kelowna was extending the trail and the kids and I looked forward to hiking this new addition.  I happened to run into a client of Jane Hoffman’s walking the route a month ago. Mrs Gobessi lives on Poplar Point and we currently have her lovely lakefront home listed.  Mrs Gobessi mentioned that the trail was fully completed and takes about an hour and half of good challenging up and down hike.  I set out this past Friday with a spring in my step, it was a beautiful fall day to experience the new hike.  The round trip to Paul’s  Tomb is 3.2 km and  add the round trip up the Lochview Trail of 3 km and you are looking at 6.2 km in total. I must say that I was completely impressed that this trail provides Okanagan Lake views the entire way. A bonus to the hike is that it borders on Sheerwater Estates a community with multi million dollar homes. Although I see a lot of luxury homes working for Jane Hoffman these residences took my breath away and I am sure that it will you too!  Another great feature of the hike is that when arriving at the top end if you have the time and the energy left, you can walk along the roadside to Magic , this will lead you to the top of Knox Mountain making a complete loop.  Unfortunately I was unable to complete the full loop as I started  too late and it was dark by the time I got back.  However it gives me a great excuse to do it again! For those of you that plan on the hike, please be aware that it does have stairs and some steep inclines so bring water and of course bring your camera 🙂 Happy hiking! Jodi Huber Assistant to Jane Hoffman Realty