One of the wonders we encounter as Real Estate Agents is the unexpected brushes with nature. When we do encounter such wonders we always have a moment to capture it on camera.  Sherrin Stewart one of our team members happened to be out on Westside Road recently when the sight of a group of  California Mountain big horns crossed in front of her vehicle. She happened to capture some beautiful pictures of the sheep that we are sharing with you! Some facts regarding our local California Big Horns: As anyone who travels Westside Road on a regular basis knows, the California Bighorn sheep were transplanted here from the Kamloops area in 2004 to augment the dwindling Shorts Creek canyon band.  That band has now become a regular attraction between Bear Creek and Fintry. Guarded by a large ram, it is estimate there are 25 to 35 in that band. The California Big Horn certainly provide an exciting wildlife experience!