At first glance, we might look like other Kelowna real estate agents. Often, within moments of a meeting, though, it becomes clear that we’re different. Clients who spend time in our offices often remark that they can feel it, that something that sets us apart and keeps clients in the Jane Hoffman family for generations. What is it? What’s behind our unique approach and our success in selling homes in Kelowna?

We are ‘all for one’ with one goal for clients

We have a tight-knit group of 15 people. Agents who specialize in various types of properties. A management group. Administrative support. Legal counsel, dedicated Managing Brokers and even a marketing team. What we all draw on is the 35-year legacy of Jane Hoffman’s reputation and her exceptional level of care—her work ethic and her values. What we have is each other, the work family that she has also developed with great care, and one common goal.

“To me, the all-for-one approach is simply this: A collaborative effort from each and every person involved, with a focus towards the same end goal. It doesn’t matter what role you play in a group, every step is important, and if you have a group of people dedicated to perfecting their part—you have a recipe for success.” Adam Schmidt, Licensed Real Estate Assistant at Jane Hoffman Realty

Adam Schmidt, Kelowna REALTOR® at Jane Hoffman Realty

We each bring the best of our unique strengths to best support clients

At Coldwell Banker Jane Hoffman Realty, we recognize and celebrate each other’s strengths—and with roles that play to those strengths, agents can thrive and bring their best for clients.

Jennifer Lebedoff, Managing Broker at Jane Hoffman Realty

“We are lucky to have a deep pool of talent at Coldwell Banker Jane Hoffman Realty so that specialty is possible, and people can shine at what they do. Our management group has put great thought into bringing people into the fold so we have a well-rounded company that can meet the demands of a very diverse market.” Jennifer Lebedoff, Managing Broker at Jane Hoffman Realty

The central Okanagan is a unique market and having an agent that specializes in various types of properties helps ensure sellers have the best eyes on their property, and that buyers consider everything that’s important before putting in an offer.

We have real estate agents here in Kelowna that specialize in all types of listings:

“It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, we have a specialist in that area who knows the ins-and-outs,” says Adam.

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We ensure clients get the best support from the right person at every stage

There are two ways this shows up for clients and brings significant benefits.

  1. First, when a potential buyer or seller approaches our brokerage with interest, instead of simply putting them to the next agent in line, we do something different.“We listen to what the client is looking for and match them with the appropriate professional or professionals to services their unique needs. It’s a client-first approach,” says Jennifer. “That’s why people come back.”
  2. Second, when you have an entire group that cares behind your home purchase or sale, you experience greater client care and attention to detail.“From the initial follow-up through to the listing process, and negotiation of an offer through to the closing date, we have experts in every area who know what’s going on and make sure those important details don’t get overlooked,” says Adam.

We encourage you to meet our Kelowna agents and discover the wealth of experience and enthusiasm here to help you.

Are you searching Kelowna real estate companies to find your fit? Get in touch with us so you can learn more about how our expertise and all-for-one approach helps ensure you receive the best experience possible. 1-888-535-6962.

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