What do you get the person who has everything?

A recent Cornell University Study concluded people derive more satisfaction from experiential purchases than from purchasing material goods.

For those who are in the pursuit of happiness, striving to have a life rich with experiences and memories, often the best gifts to bring the most long-term pleasure, will be the gift of experiences.

If you’re compiling your holiday gift giving list, perhaps this is the year to focus on gifting the gift of happiness with a gift of experience, rather than one of material possessions.

Experiential Gift Ideas

balletkelowna1) Tickets To A Concert, Musical, Ballet, Hockey Game or Play – Even better if you make it a ‘date’ so you can spend time together.

SelectYourTickets – For Kelowna Concerts & Events
Kelowna Rockets
Ballet Kelowna

2) Gift Certificate For Dinner Out – Choose a special restaurant the recipient might not visit on their own.

3) Wine Tour & Bottle of Wine

Distinctly Kelowna Wine Tours




watermark4) Weekend Away At an Okanagan Hotel – Maybe you know someone who could use an evening of rest and relaxation? A night away to unwind and refresh…

Watermark Beach Resort – Osoyoos BC
Sparkling Hill Resort – Vernon BC

5) Movie Tickets

Landmark Cinemas – Choose Grand 10, Paramount, Xtreme or Encore

bigwhite6) Attraction Passes – perhaps gift certificates to Big White along with rentals and a lesson package, or maybe a round of golf?

Big White

7) A Trip

Gifting experiences rather than possessions falls out of the social norm but really is the gift that keeps on giving.

While opening a really cool ‘thing’ may get the initial wow factor, an experiential gift will bring a much longer sense of satisfaction.

Tips to Gift An Experience

1) Choose the experience appropriately. What is something your recipient might not normally buy for themselves but would bring them immense joy to do?
2) If the gift is attached to a specific date (ie. Concert tickets) sleuth it out to ensure they are free and/or don’t already have tickets to it.
3) Get creative with your wrapping. For instance, if you are gifting movie passes, perhaps include some candy, sweets and movie themed items rather than simply an envelope.
4) No strings attached. If you gift them two-tickets to something, do not assume or make them feel obligated to take you along.
5) When they express their thanks, express how important it was to gift them an experience that will bring them happiness as well as memories